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What are text links?
Text links are keywords that are hyperlinked on third party websites that can help improve your search engine relevance. For example, you operate a website that sells `strawberries`. You will want highly relevant websites in the fruit industry to link to your website using the term `strawberries` to help increase your relevance for that term.

Are there other benefits to text links?
In addition to increasing your search engine relevance, text links can also help drive traffic to your website. Using our previous example, if you place a `strawberries` link on fruit-related websites, then your link is going to be exposed to visitors on those websites. As such, there is a chance that some of those visitors will click on your text link and visit your site.

What criteria should I look at when seeking out text links?
The most important aspect of text links is placing them on contextually relevant websites. For example, we would not want to place our `strawberries` link on a clothing website that sells high end suits as there is no correlation between the two products. However, if the clothing website also sells clothing with fruit images, there might be a connection.

Other important factors to consider when placing text links:

  • Make sure the websites are highly reputable
  • Research how long the websites have been on the Web
  • Check out the inbound link structure of the websites
  • Unless relevant, stay away from sites that have gambling links, pornography links and any spam- related links
  • Review discussion forums to verify the integrity of the websites

What sets CampusBlvd apart from other text links providers?
At CampusBlvd, customer service is second to none. When you become a CampusBlvd client you get a dedicated customer support representative who will research your company and learn about its goals and objectives. From there, your representative will put together a customized text links campaign for you and put it in motion. Once the campaign is active, your representative will help you course correct as necessary and will be available to you by phone and/or email 24/7. Call us at 312.854.7606 to speak with one of our customer service representatives today.


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