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Why do I need text links?

Friday Jan 15, 2010

Our customers often initially visit our website and ask the question of "Why do I need text links?". The answer has several parts, so I will explain them in this blog post.

The first reason you need text links is to increase your exposure on the Web. Just like with any form of advertising, the more your website's name appears in different places, the better the opportunity for people to come and find you.

The second reason you need text links is to increase your relevance in the search engines. When the search engine spiders crawl different websites, they absorb many facets of the websites, including the title tag, meta information, content on the page and the link structure.

Let's focus on the link structure for a second. The link structure consists of the outbound links that appear throughout your Web site. If you do have outbound links, the search engines will take note of those links and may even pass potential value to them. As such if you have text links on other sites, than you may be deriving value for your own website.

It's really that simple, but if you would like to hear more, please contact us.

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