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What is Google Caffeine all about?

Monday Jan 11, 2010

Google is in the process of implementing changes in its search engine algorithm, which has accounted for the shift in search engine rankings you may have noticed. Here are some good SEO practices to follow to ensure your Web site is in compliance with the new Google Caffeine standards:

1. Content is king
Make sure your content is relevant to your site's main theme, product or service. For example, if your Web site focuses on strawberries, than include information all about strawberries. It's okay to include text links to other sites as well, just as long as they are relevant to your site.

2. Use alt tags, meta tags and title tags
As a standard practice, make sure to include alt tags on images, meta keyword and meta description tags on each page and a highly relevant title tag. As long as these are all aligned you should be in good standing.

3. Optimize your site speed
How fast your page loads is a factor in the new algorithm. As such, it is important to optimize images, file size and anything else that will make your Web site load faster. Here is a great resource to find out your page load time: www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/

4. Keep your content fresh
Make sure that you are updating your content regularly so that it gives the search engines a reason to come back and spider your Web site often. You may want to look at including RSS feeds as well.

These are just a few helpful tips, if you have any more to add, please let us know.

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