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The Benefit of .edu Text Links

Thursday Jan 07, 2010

As with anything in life, it is important to not spread yourself so thin. The same applies in the category of text links. While it is great to have one-way inbound links from .com and .org websites, it is also important to try and vary up your link structure and acquire links from all types of sources throughout the Web. One source that is great to add to the mix is .edu text links.

.edu text links are one-way inbound links that reside on educational websites. These websites have strong reputations as they are non-profitable institutions that thrive as learning centers for students across the country. They are also often viewed as authoritative websites, as they have resided on the Web for years and years. And, over this long duration, they have have acquired backlinks that are from other prominent institutions and well-known Web sites.

If you are thinking about starting a link building campaign than .edu text links are something you will want to incorporate into your strategy.

And, if you are able to get your links on .gov Web sites that is even more of a plus. Those Web sites are run by government institutions and it is nearly impossible to attain links on them. If anyone knows of any, please let us know :)

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