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Natural text links versus scripted links

Tuesday Jun 22, 2010

We often get asked the question about the advantages / disadvantages of natural text links versus links that are automatically generated using scripts. Here is a high level comparison:

Natural Text Links
1. These are text links that are hard coded by webmasters of their respective sites.
2. The position of natural text links is determined by the webmaster in each individual case.
3. Natural text links can be placed within content on pages to make them highly relevant to the page

Scripted Text Links
1. Scripts are placed on different Web sites and they enable text links to be automatically generated onto a Web site (without the webmaster's help). Search engines tend to look at scripted links as trying to game the system, so we do not utilize scripts at all at CampusBlvd.
2. Scripted links generally appear one on top of another making it easy to discern that they are paid links and often making them highly irrelevant to the page on which they appear.
3. It is rare to find scripted text links that will appear within the context of a page

In general we feel it is better to stay away from scripted text links as they are not natural and they do not flow into Web pages near as nicely as natural links.

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