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Mayday Mayday

Tuesday Jun 15, 2010

As many of you have noticed, Google has drastically changed their algorithm in the past weeks, which has caused fluctuations in rankings, especially for large ecommerce sites. For some sites, the shake up has been positive and for others they have seen their rankings fall significantly.

So, if my company's rankings fell, what should I do?

1. Do not doing anything drastic. Google has been known to shake up their rankings before, so just hold tight for a bit

2. Add fresh content to your site. If you have a large product feed, make sure the descriptions for each product are unique

3. Blog regularly, create press releases and do anything that is newsworthy to get yourself out there even more.

4. Attain text links that are highly relevant to the products / services that you are selling. Now, more than ever, make sure you are being selective as to the links you are purchasing.

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