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How often should I add text links?

Wednesday Mar 03, 2010

One question that we commonly receive is how often text links should be added. For every site there is a different answer, but we tend to steer our clients to the slow and steady approach.

The slow and steady approach refers to adding a couple of text links at a time, but not overdoing it for certain keywords. Our goal is not to raise flags, but at the same time show some movement, so that our clients can see that their campaigns are working.

In certain instances we will put a lot of links out there at one time, but this is generally when time is a big consideration. This has the possibility to raise some flags, but we try and use different keywords and change up the pages that are being linked to, to make it appear as natural as possible.

Overall, everyone's strategy is going to be a little different, but the one common them that prevails is to no overdue it.

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